Helpful tips to improve your pool game from current House Pro at Hawaiian Brian's: Kurt Kobayashi.
Some of you may know me and some of you may not..My name is Kurt Kobayashi and I have played pool for about 10 years now. When I started off playing, I don't think the APA had a ranking for me. If the number 0 existed, I would have been it. I couldn't even hold a cue or let alone stroke it. But I couldn't get enough of it.
   I fell in love with the game and couldn't wait to go to the poolhall. I would watch all of the older guys play and then I would try to imitate what they did. (Of course, it would not happen for a long time.) Just as I started to learn how to pocket the balls, someone showed me how to use english. From there the game just got way more interesting. All I knew was that it was the most fun and frustration that I could experience at the same time.
   Thanks to the APA all of you that are reading this probably won't need to go through all of that. With the APA structure you will be able to always be around players of all different skill levels. You might be playing against them or along side of them. Either way everyones pool game gains something from that.
P.S. As the "House Pro" of Hawaiian Brians Billiards, player rep for Dave Sucher Custom Cues, and Bloodline clothing. I will give you all my first tip "Having fun is your first priority when you're playing pool." That is the main ingredient for winning and improving!